5 Qualities a Desirable Product and Better Half Have in Common

by on Feb 13, 2018
5 qualities a desirable product has

Why are some products more desirable than the others? 

What makes a desirable product desirable, and thereby successful?

Perhaps, the same reasons that make a desirable better half desirable! A closer look at what you look for in a desirable better half and what you look for in a desirable product, will reveal that actually you are looking for the exact same qualities in both.


Couldn’t agree more, could you?

If your better half is complicated, not too helpful, somewhat dumb, and above all, high-maintenance (i.e., you have to bend over backwards to make him/her happy), then s/he becomes dispensable, perhaps.

Same goes with products.

Therefore, build a desirable product, i.e, one that is

  1. Simple, as in, user-friendly and easy to use.
  2. Helpful, as in, something that solves day-to-day problems, and makes life smooth and easy.
  3. Intelligent, as in, high on regular IQ as well as emotional intelligence.
  4. Low maintenance, as in, easily accessible, not a painful in any way.
  5. Indispensable, as in, something the customer won’t be able to live without.