5 Super Bowl Ads Even Ad Haters Will Love

by on Feb 7, 2016
Super Bowl Ads

Advertising is fast becoming an A-word like the F-word

And advertisers as well as media houses are realizing that. Obviously, they are not oblivious to the increasing use of ad blocking software on the web or viewers’ aversion to TV commercials that’s one of the top reasons they access their favorite TV shows or movies from video libraries or via online streaming.

100 million people in the US are expected to watch the big game today

A study from Adobe noted that one in three consumers watch live sports on a device other than a traditional television set.

With content being consumed on various devices, CBS  has offered advertiser friendly packages that will air Super Bowl ads on TV and also stream them online and on mobile devices simultaneously. This package comes at a cost of $5M for a 30 second ad, which is 11% higher than the $4.5M that NBC had charged last year.  But advertisers cannot complain, since it lets them target ad hating game fans, who won’t be able to avoid annoying ads that humiliate their intelligence, even if they are watching the game on other devices.

Super Bowl advertisers are, as expected, largely  FMCG, automobile, electronic and such brands that typically rely heavily on TV as one their top promotional channels, apart from print and billboards.

More than generating sales or ROI, Super Bowl ads generate a buzz among viewers and build brand awareness. Advertisers are willing to pay $5M for a 30 second TV ad, which could give them a lot lot lot more mileage if spent on search, social or mobile marketing.   But  Super Bowl ads do result in a heavy buzz on social media, particularly on Twitter where #SuperBowlAds is a trending hashtag.

These 5 Super Bowl advertisers seemed to have conceptualized their ads in keeping with the multi-device packaging, viewer intolerance to ads and the social media spill-over effect.  Instead of being bombastically self-promotional, they have adopted socially relevant themes and conveyed powerful messages.

1. Budweiser  – GiveADamn

An intelligently conceptualized ad that uses a celebrity (English actor Helen Mirren) to snub drunken driving in a very humorous way.

2. Mini Car – #DefyingLabels

Ha!  Don’t give a dime to labels and stereotypes, be yourself no matter what you drive.  A message that is sure to strike a chord with millennial viewers.

3. Colgate  – #SaveWater

After watching this, would you still continue brushing with  the faucet running?

4. Death Wish Coffee Intuit – Small Business Big Game 

In case we forgot that entrepreneurship is also about giving back to the entrepreneurial community, then this ad helps refresh our memory. Doing a Super Bowl ad could be the dream of every business there is. Intuit ran a contest for small businesses and sponsored a 30 second Super Bowl ad for the lucky winner – Death Wish Coffee.

5. Wix – It’s Easy

One in two small businesses in the US don’t have a website. Leaving money on the table, eh? Wix advises them to get one for free.

What to expect in the next Super Bowl?

Don’t be surprised if the next year’s Super Bowl ads package evolves to include innovative cross-channel ads that look to engage consumers in a lot more meaningful ways.  But definitely be prepared to be shocked if it doesn’t.

What to expect today?

I predict one of these two teams will win the Super Bowl.

-Gilbert Gottfried