7 Valentine’s Day Stats Marketers Need to Know

by on Feb 13, 2016
7 valentines day stats

1. One in two people celebrate Valentine’s day in the USA.


2. On an average, an individual spends $ 142 on gifts for spouse or significant other, children, friends, colleagues or pets.

average individual spend of valentines day gifts

3. Overall, Americans spend $18.9 billion on Valentine’s day gifts.

$18.9 billion valentine's day spend

4. Candy, greeting cards and flowers are top 3 choice of gifts for Valentine’s day shoppers, followed by an evening out and jewelry.

candy, cards and flowers top 3 valentines day gifts

5. 25% Valentine’s day shoppers  shop online.

25% shop online for valentines day

6. 87% Valentine’s day shoppers own a smartphone / tablet.

shopping valentines day on mobile tablet

7. Approximately 45% valentine’s day shoppers research / buy on the smartphone or tablet.

shop research valentines day gifts on mobile

Source: National Retail Federation