Employee Fun Activity During Work From Home

by on May 29, 2020
employee fun activity during lockdown

It’s time for some humor during lockdown.

My cousin got a first prize for this video in an activity in his office where employees were asked to present their hidden talent and post videos on the company’s TGIF Slack channel . I find it so relevant to blog about it as an example of fun office activities during work-from-home times. Oh, and he tells me that his wife and kids did the makeup for him.

Of course, my cousin is a hilarious person who always makes us laugh with his quick wit and humor. But this one takes the cake! It is a hilarious parody on a famous old Raj Kapoor song from a Bollywood movie .

For those who don’t understand Hindi, the song, “Jeena yaha, marna yaha; iske siva jaana kahan” means “live here, die here, there is no where else to go”.

In the original song, the actor holds a heart-shaped prop. My cousin replaced that with a laptop, and dances to “live here, die here, there is no where else to go” (during this lockdown, work-from-home phase)! LOL.

For those who don’t know, here is the original Raj Kapoor song, in which
“live here, die here, there is no where else to go” refers to the circus stage where the Raj Kapoor character works as a joker.