A 12 Year Old Shares His Views on Online Classes

by on May 30, 2020
A 12 Year Old Shares His Views on Online Classes

The coronavirus imposed online schooling on children, suddenly. A 7th grader (a 12-year-old boy) shares his take on online classes during the lockdown, in an impromptu video shoot. Very insightful.

Key points:

  • He likes it when his classmates get funny – when they share screen out of turn, or draw on the screen.
  • Sometimes kids are playing video recordings of themselves and pretending to attend classes.
  • He is scared to laugh when his friends do funny things, because his teacher might notice.
  • They are muted and they can’t speak; they can only nod their heads.
  • He is missing his friends.
  • He admits that he chats with his friends on the phone during online classes.
  • He and some of his friends would like to go back to regular school as they can meet friends and learn better.
  • Some of his friends prefer online classes because they like to stay at home and have fun.
  • His teachers are doing well , but they are not used to online classes.
  • He gets stressed because of the fluid schedule that cuts into his personal schedule.
  • The video quality is poor sometimes and teachers ask students to check for any connectivity issues at their end.

Watch the video.