COVID-19 Has Removed This Major Barrier to Entry for Startups

by on Jun 1, 2020
Covid-19 has removed barrier to entry for startups

The coronavirus is slaying around, but it is also helping the planet heal from the harsh impact of human interventions.

Another positive side effect of the killer virus is that it has leveled the playing field for aspiring startup founders. With work-from-home emerging as the possible “new normal”, a startup now does not have to have an office in those expensive tech parks or silicon valleys.

If you have a brilliant startup idea, you can just go ahead and launch it from your computer at home. You can now be a multi-national company, and offer your products/services in various countries without having a physical presence in any of those countries.

And no, you don’t even need a virtual office. You can jolly well use your home address to register your company.

Of course timeless truths will remain the same. Coronavirus does not change anything here: