Deals, Discounts Startups Can Use Amid Pandemic

by on Jun 2, 2020
Deals and discounts during pandemic

A lot of companies are lending a helping hand and giving away empathetic deals, discounts and freebies during these tough times.

From business tools to project management software to security, design, video or accounting tools and more, there are a lot of resources that startups can use to tide over these difficult times.

Find below links to curated lists of deals and freebies.

COVID-19 Freebies On  this page, you will find products, services, subscriptions, and memberships that are either free or heavily discounted (50% or more) during Coronavirus. This list focuses on the tools and services that can help with working remotely and staying healthy during these difficult times.

A List of Deals, Freebies and Emergency Benefits A number of public U.S. companies hope to soften the blow by offering premium services for free, expanding paid sick leave policies temporarily, and providing resources to help fight the virus.

Companies Giving Away Special Deals and Free Tools Global COVID-19 outbreak can harm your business. Check out the list of companies giving away free tools and big discounts to help you get through the crisis.

Companies Offer Deals, Discounts and Freebies Amid Pandemic As the coronavirus outbreak shutters restaurants and stores across the United States, several companies have decided to offer discounts and deals to alleviate the closures’ financial, emotional and technological costs on consumers, institutions and other businesses.