Empathy as a Lead Gen & Sales Tool

by on Jun 4, 2020

Companies are generously giving away freebies, deals and discounts during the pandemic.

While such generosity helps the recipients during the present difficult times, it also helps these generous companies achieve their present or future sales and marketing goals.

  • If you are seeing low sales due to the pandemic, temporarily lowering prices may help you increase sales.
  • By lending a helping hand, you are actually asserting your relevance, apart from showing your customers that you care.
  • It helps generate good will and earn customer loyalty that can be capitalized on at a later stage.
  • If more customers are able to use your product because of the deals and discounts, there are chances that some of them, or a lot of them will continue at full price after the temporary deals are over.
  • If people are availing your deals/freebies and downloading your product, you will have generated red hot leads that your sales teams can work on for paid subscriptions after the temporary free/discounted membership term is over.
  • In the mean time, when more people use your product, you will have more data and analytics for research and development.
  • By giving away these temporary deals and helping more people use your products, you are helping the economy revive, and you will surely benefit from a revived economy at some point.

Empathy is an investment during this pandemic that will fetch returns now and in the future. If regular sales and lead-gen processes are not yielding results at this time, then it is worth trying empathy and other off-beat strategies based on the nature of your products/services.