How Startups Can Deepen Customer Relationship During Pandemic

by on Jun 5, 2020

Difficult times are a test for relations. They are also opportunities for us to prove ourselves in relations.

It is important for all businesses to stay in business and continue generating revenues during these hard times. At the same time, organizations can also utilize this opportunity to deepen customer relations.

It is not about being opportunistic

It is really about being thankful for having an opportunity to do something for your customers. For many times in life, we have a strong urge to do something for our loved ones, but do not always have the opportunity – our loved ones may be far away from us. Or even if they are near us, they may not need our help, and so on. And if we are fortunate to get a chance to do something for them, then it is like that rare/impossible lottery.

The same goes with customers. They keep us in business, and during normal times, we are too engrossed in business to think about doing something for them. Now, during this pandemic, we are blessed with the opportunity to do something for them.

A few ways for genuinely helping customers

(whether B2B or B2C)

  • Engage with them on social media with daily posts, videos, tips and humor to cheer them up and help them stay in business. For example, restaurants are sharing recipes; gyms are sharing fitness tips, and so forth.
  • Send out occasional emails with customer-centric content aimed at helping them with their goals (this may be done very carefully, as email spam is the last thing people want during these times).
  • A more non-intrusive way compared to email, is sharing relevant blog posts with useful information for customers.
  • Especially B2B companies involved in software can proactively reach out to their customers and give free upgrades to enterprise versions, or allow more users per plan, etc., for a temporary period. A lot of video making software providers (like Toonly, Doodly, etc.) have given away huge discounts during this period.
  • You can also reach out to your past leads that did not buy from you, and tell them that considering the difficult times, you want to let them use your product for free for a temporary period. They refused to buy your product in the past, but after your kind gesture, and after using the product and experiencing its benefits, there are chances that they will convert.
  • The same theory applies to leads in the pipeline that you are yet to speak to or close. You can skip the sales process and directly help them by letting them try your product for free for a month or so. Chances are good that they will convert, and you may end up with easier sales than the normal process.

Small gestures go a long way in strengthening bonds

Customers will feel touched by the kindness, and develop loyalty to your brand. They will find it hard to defect to your competitors, and that way, you would have reduced churn in the long run. Moreover, as they start using your products and services, you can also ask them for reviews (through in-app pop-ups or other ways) and they are more likely to write reviews for you, positive ones at that.

You may lose a little revenue because of the offers you give out, but that is more of an illusion. Sometimes fringe benefits far outweigh monetary benefits, and they translate into monetary benefits in the future.