And Aviation Has Started Experimenting, Already

by on Jun 18, 2020
aviation has started experimenting

Aviation refuses to bow down before the times.

In a bid to make air travel safer and encourage more people to fly, AirAsia today introduced AirAsia Flyporter.

This is India’s 1st seamless baggage service.

Here’s a screenshot of a marketing mailer sent out by AirAsia.

Travelers can now avoid queues and crowds for handling baggage.

As outlined in the mailer, AirAsia’s Flyporter service will pick up baggage from the traveler’s door in the departure town.

It will also deliver it back to the traveler’s door in the arrival town.

This is just a beginning.

After the initial fear and hiding from the coronavirus, the time has come for the world to find ways to start living with it, and lower its impact on life and business.

We will see more experiment and innovation to adapt to changing times, and continue doing business, in spite of coronavirus.

Yes, we need to start living with the virus.

This is a great example for other airlines to look up to, and also for other businesses to realize that the time has come to move on and continue living as normal a life as possible, while taking the necessary precaution.