A One-Minute Guide to Marketing

by on May 3, 2017
Marketing guide for dummies

There are several conceptions, preconceptions, post-conceptions and misconceptions about marketing. Where’s the quick marketing guide for dummies? What is marketing really?

Is it about brochures and business cards?

Is it about maintaining social media pages?

Is it about generating leads for sales?

Is it about optimizing the website for search engines?

Is it about creating content and videos?

Is it about a presence in industry events?

Is it about what not and what not?

May be. Or may be not. Or may be.

But if you miss out on the basic logic, you could be left nowhere in the market.

Watch this one-minute marketing guide for dummies video to get a grip on things, before you start any marketing.


Oh yes, marketing is something that is as tricky as pleasing your spouse. So, make no mistakes about it!

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